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Do Your Kids Believe They’re Entitled?

One of the things that scares me most as a parent is that my children will grow up believing that theyre entitled to whatever they want in life. You see it everywhere: college graduates who expect turn their noses up at entry level jobs, expecting to land high-paying, satisfying work without first paying their dues. People who command thousands of dollars to appear at a club just for being tan and obnoxious. Little leagues in which every team gets a trophy, even if they came in last. In this kind of a world, how do you raise kids not to feel entitled?

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Sheryl Crow’s Sons: “They’re Not Entitled to Have Everything”

Popular crooner Sheryl Crow’s got a bunch of hit songs under her belt, but just because she’s obviously got the music industry wrapped around her little finger doesn’t mean she’s a pro at the parenting business. Im strict, Crow, 49, told Prevention magazine’s May issue. They have to understand that somebodys in charge and sometimes the answer is no. Its about being consistent.

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5 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues. – CiceroGratitude – or a lack thereof – is something all parents encounter during the process of raising children. At some point or other, what mother hasn’t looked on with horror as her child blurted out a variant of, I dont like this! Its not what I wanted for my birthday! or worried that her kids took …