4 mins read

How to Decrease Math Anxiety

Your alarm sounds, and you immediately jump out of the bed feeling fresh and re-energized for the day. But as you slowly begin to think through the day, a familiar feeling of fear and dread suddenly strikes you. It is the day you are going to sit for your math paper. Even though you studied…

6 mins read

Stuck In The School Pick-Up Car Clusterfest

Every day, while our elementary-school children are still in the throes of gluing macaroni to paper and counting dried beans, cars stack up in two-by-two formation outside, waiting in the”Car-Riders” line as early as 55 minutes before the last bell rings.

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How Will The New SAT Affect Your Kids?

The College Board announced this week that it is going to make sweeping changes to the SAT beginning in 2016.Criticized both for giving an advantage to wealthy kids who can afford expensive test prep courses and also for creating extreme anxiety for students due to the unpredictability of what will be tested, the SAT has long been in need of a makeover.According to The College Board, the test will remain predictive of how …

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5 Great Apps for Traveling with Kids

Planning to take a summer vacation road trip with your little ones? Long car rides can lead to fights, tears and total meltdowns. But fear not! We’ve got a great list of apps that are sure to keep kids entertained for miles and miles! Barbie Fashionistas