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Sharpies, Puppies and an Espresso Ganache Pie

As a doting god-mum to a teenage boy and a 4-year-old princess, and an auntie of many of my friends toddlers, I get the pleasure of spoiling them with toys and treats that make their parents cringe on occasion. A god-mum is the perfect role for me right now. Some day that will probably change, but for now, I love every minute. And for all the super- mums out there who somehow manage to do it all, I admire you more than you know and I highly recommend a slice of this pie in mid-afternoon. Espresso Ganache Pie Recipe*

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Tired All the Time? It Might Be What You’re Eating

Youre just a busy mom, the doctor told me after returning with test results that showed no indication of an underlying medical condition that would account for my chronic fatigue: no anemia, no hyperthyroidism, no urinary tract infection or heart issuesall possible causes of extreme exhaustion. Try to give yourself a break, he recommended. Take time to exercise every day, and make sure you get enough sleep. But I did exercise, and I …