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“Keep Swimming!”

IVF is very stressful. It is stressful on the body, mind and soul. Sometimes, it just gets to you. Sometimes you become truly overwhelmed, sad and almost paralyzed by the stress of it all. IVF takes a toll on every aspect of your life. I became truly overwhelmed by it all this past weekend. It has already taken me weeks to prep for my upcoming IVF procedure and I still have weeks to go before the procedure itself. I have had to line up my insurance company, doctors, embryologists and genetic labs.

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Pediatric Strokes: Lucas’ Story

Most people don’t consider that kids have strokes. Although it’s relatively rare, a small percentage of children suffer strokesevery year. The causes can vary but most are related to birth defects, infections, trauma or blood disorders like sickle cell disease. Here is one mom’s story: “On January 22, 201, our lives were turned upside down. Early that day our son Lucas said to my husband Lee that he felt dizzy. Not really thinking much about it my husband told him to go lay down and try to take a nap.

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The Dark Side of Surrogacy

For a year of my life, being a surrogate consumed me. Things changed. Everything revolved around my health, the babies inside me, and the Intended Parents. I went into surrogacy wanting to do something great for another family, and my family was put on hold because of it. I dont want that to come off as bitter, because it isnt. Its just the way things went.

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Natural Wart Remedies

Conventional ways of dealing with warts–burning, freezing and cutting–aren’t likely to send you racing to your doctor’s office when one of these small, fleshy bumps first erupts on your skin. And why should you, when there are natural alternatives that are far less painful? Purveyors of old folk cures and complementary and alternative practitioners suggest slapping a variety of disparate and sometimes surprising ingredients on warts, from school board chalk to raw meat to a castor oil-baking soda paste. Start simple, using ingredients you can reach for on your kitchen counter.

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How to Get Out of Debt

Every family’s financial circumstances are different, but debt is something that many Americans have in common. The problem is not necessarily having debt, but not being able to pay it off. Worse yet, some people find themselves getting deeper into debt. While the 2005 Cambridge Consumer Credit Index shows that 25 percent of Americans consider paying off debt a top priority, a 2004 survey conducted by LendingTree found that more than half of those concerned about owing high debts had no definite financial plan for eliminating those debts.