3 mins read

What Color Makeup to Wear on Ivory Skin

While we often associate ivory skin with redheads, blonds and brunettes can be equally fair. Learning to love your pale skin is easier with makeup suited to your skin tone. If you have pale, ivory skin you need foundation and blush in colors light enough for your skin. You can wear more intense color on your lips and eyes, but must choose shades that flatter your fair skin.

2 mins read

Summer Lips: Find Your Best Shade

When choosing lip colors for summer, bright and vibrant colors are the way to go. The types of colors to choose are bright pastels and hot hues similar to those seen in the tropics. Fruit colors are excellent choices, from the red berries to papaya colors. When applying bright lip colors, always remember that they tend to emphasize dry patches. To avoid this, scrub away the dry skin on lips, and then apply moisturizer before applying lipstick. Apply lipstick to the bottom lip, press lips together and use your fingertips to distribute the color so that it will not appear heavy-handed. Apply a matching lip pencil color to finish off the look.