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Exclusive Interview with Jessica Alba

She’s an actress, an author, a busy mom – and somehow Jessica Alba still found time to co-found a company devoted to creating natural and non-toxic baby products. Along with Christopher Gavigan, the 31-year-old “Fantastic Four” actress started The Honest Company to provide parents with safe family essentials including diapers, wipes, bath, skin care and home cleaning products.

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Amazon Prime Big Deal Day Halloween and Home Finds

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What is a QR Code?

Have you seen one of these square shaped barcode-looking things on a billboard or magazine advertisement? Called QR codes, they’re popping up everywhere – from posters and products to T-shirts and even dog collars! What is a QR Code? QR is short for Quick Response – mostly because they can be read quickly by a phone or mobile device. It’s atwo-dimensional barcode full encoded information like a URL (web address), text, or other information. For example, it could contain a special coupon or details about an upcoming movie release.