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Teen Social Problems

For many adolescents, teenage years prove the perfect time to socialize and build a base of friends. Some teens, however, struggle with socialization or experience challenges that make this potentially enjoyable socialization a bit less than fun. If your teen runs into socialization issues, it may transform his years of footloose and fancy-free friend building into a period of woe and upset over his peer-related challenges.

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What Are the Various Stages of Dating?

From the moment you lay eyes on that special someone until the day you decide to spend the rest of your lives together, your relationship progresses through several stages. Identifying the dating stage you are in can help you pinpoint problems during the process, as well as provide insight as to where your relationship is heading. According to “Human Communication” author, Joseph DeVito, the following stages represent stages of all interpersonal relationships, whether they develop face-to-face or on the latest social networking site.