3 mins read

Fabric Allergies

That cold may not be a cold. Fabric allergies cause similar symptoms. The runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing are not the only problems that come from fabric allergies. Skin rashes are another symptom. In many cases the problem isn’t the actual fabric but the chemicals on the fabric. Understanding the signs of fabric allergies and what to do about it will help you find relief.

5 mins read

Hormone Changes in Women

The process of growing from infancy to girlhood, young adulthood and old age is significantly impacted by both the presence and absence of natural hormones. A woman’s hormones tell her body when to enter puberty, when to prepare for and feed a baby and when the child-bearing years should cease. Hormones regulate her monthly periods and influence her moods, sex drive and complexion. They are also linked to significant diseases such as breast cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease.

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How to Stop an Allergy Attack

Allergy attacks can range from simple sneezing fits to severe, potentially fatal shock. Because allergy symptoms can get become life-threatening in an instant, it’s best to act right away instead of seeing if the attack will get worse. Basic first aid for allergy attacks is divided into two categories: severe and mild to moderate. Knowing how to stop and treat a reaction in each instance can help you keep yourself or your child safe and comfortable until the symptoms decrease or the paramedics arrive.