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The Best Baby Names of All Time

Parents can select from an almost limitless number of names when deciding upon one for their newborn. With all these options available, it may seem improbable that some names would happen to reign supreme for extended periods of time; however, there are some names that top the charts repeatedly. These names, for some unknown reason, hold special appeal and filter to the top of many parents’ lists of potential baby names.

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Cool Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Planning a birthday party for your rough-and-tumble boy may present a challenge. While no two boys are exactly the same, most members of this gender enjoy high-energy, physical activity. Providing the stimulation required to maintain the interests of a group of boys for an extended period of time can be difficult, even for the most inventive of parents. To ensure that your party goes down in the record books as a hit, consider ways in which you can captivate your largely male party crowd and keep them entertained from the party’s beginning until its end.

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Baby Toys for a 6-Month-Old

By the time babies reach the age of 6 months, they are ready to develop skills beyond listening, crying and sleeping. Infant development toys can teach these babies to use basic motor skills, increase communication abilities and improve hand-eye coordination as they learn to balance and touch different objects. Colorful toys with different textures and puzzle games are among the most appropriate toys for a 6-month-old. Youll need toys that stimulate all the senses and encourage your baby to play for extended periods. Here are a few ideas to add to your 6-month-olds toy chest.

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Autism and Vacations

My son loves to travel. He got that love to travel from his parents. A few years ago, my son and I took a road trip together—just the two of us. We hit some great Western states and tourist stops. We drove a lot in those twelve days. My son was eleven. We had taken…