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How to Repair Dry Hair Extensions

Despite the fact that it grows from living material, hair is actually dead once it leaves the follicle. This is why hair requires special care to keep it looking its best. Your scalp also helps with this task by producing oils that keep your hair hydrated. Hair extensions can add length to your style and require just as much care as your real hair. Since they are not living hair attached to your scalp, hair extensions lack the oils that your own hair receives. This can leave them looking dull and dry. Repairing them requires the use of a conditioner at least once a week.

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How to Make Your Hair Extensions Soft

When you first have hair extensions put into your hair, they look lush and soft, but as time goes on, they can dry out. This is true whether you have real or synthetic extensions and whether they’re braids, weaved or glued in. Shampoos, styling products and styling equipment are the usual causes. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hair looking great again — just take proper care of your extensions to make them soft and silky.

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How to Wear Mascara With Eyelash Extensions

Unlike false eyelashes that attach to your eyelids in a single strip, eyelash extensions attach to each of your eyelashes, giving them a fuller and longer appearance. If you have thin eyelashes or eyelashes that are light in color, you may find that you no longer need to rely on mascara to enhance them once you apply eyelash extensions. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear mascara if you so choose. While wearing mascara with extensions shouldn’t be an everyday practice, occasional wear is acceptable.

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How to Wear Eyeliner After Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are single, synthetic eyelashes applied one by one to your existing eyelashes. The lustrous look of longer, fuller lashes is reliant on a formaldehyde-free adhesive that holds your lashes in place for approximately three weeks at a time. Although some women find little need to wear eyeliner after an eyelash extension application, others may still feel inclined to wear it. If you have eyelash extensions and choose to wear eyeliner, take every precaution not to disturb the adhesive.

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How to Wear Clip-On Extensions

Hair extensions allow you the opportunity to experience the look and feel of longer hair without the commitment. Clip-on extensions make going from short to long a simple project without the need for glue or thread. Clip-on hair extensions come in a variety of styles and colors, which you can match to the color and texture of your own natural hair. When worn correctly, clip-on hair extension are virtually undetectable.