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Toddler Rosacea

Few things are cuter than a rosy-cheeked toddler, but in some cases, those bright red cheeks may be the sign of a more serious underlying condition. Though it’s fairly rare, some toddlers can develop rosacea, a skin disorder more common in older people. Knowing how to recognize and treat this condition can help ensure that your child’s skin problem doesn’t become a major issue.

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Bedbugs are Here to Stay for a While

According to a recent National Pest Management Association survey, 95% of companies in the pest control industry said they’ve encountered a bedbug infestation in the last year. in 2000, only 25% of respondents could say the same. Yikes! At the Environmental Protection Agency’s second conference on the issue on Tuesday, Jonathan Wild, a housing official from Portland warned that we are “never going to get rid of bedbugs in our lifetime.” Why so dramatic?

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Fall is the New Spring

We’re one month into autumn. School and work and life schedules have reverted to some sort of “normal” structure. Sweaters and suits have come out of closets to replace bikinis and sunglasses. Leaves are changing from green to red, gold, and brown, or, depending on where you are, have already begun to fall. There’s a…

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Normal Basal Body Temperature for Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes numerous changes in your body. Some occur early, even during the first few weeks. In addition to breast tenderness, morning sickness and a missed period, you may notice some important changes in your body temperature. Although you may not feel any warmer, a special thermometer can help you monitor your temperature closely and may indicate the presence of a fertilized egg. By keeping a close eye on your temperature, you can notice any fluctuations.