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Mommy Makeup Tutorial: How To Wear Gold & Silver Eye Shadow

The holiday season is here and it’s the perfect time to bring some glamour and glitter to your makeup look.Try these five easy steps using gold or silver shadows to add some twinkle and shine to your eyes!Step 1Apply a gold or silver shadow all over the eyelid (pat/press color onto lid with a flat eye shadow brush). Keep applying until you see the color really popping.Step 2Add …

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Talking About Makeup And Skin Care With My Pre-Teen Niece

During the summer, I spent a week on the east coast for a visit with family.My niece Allison and I love to spend time together – you see, ever since she was five years old, she discovered that Auntie Karen was a makeup girl. A.K.A. girly girl! Every visit, Allison would ask me to apply makeup on her face (with the approval of her mother of course). We would play with a variety of colors and makeup brushes.

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How to Apply Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

Once you have a set make up routine, you can get ready quickly. Reduce the size of your make up bag by including only the essentials for face, eyes and lips. Toss out any extra shades of lipstick you have not worn in six months since you probably won’t wear them again. Stick with the shades and brands that you like the best. By minimizing your make up case and make up in drawers, you will spend less time looking for the right shade. Sticking with the same colors also makes it easier and faster to get ready, which is essential when you’re busy.