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Thinning Hair in Women: Causes & Treatments

Not too many people think that women suffer from hair loss; however, it is a common problem affecting many. There is a type of hair loss that is genetic in nature, and some that are due to stress, malnutrition and chronic diseases. No matter what type of hair loss problem a woman has, it can cause psychosocial and emotional stress due to its effect on her overall physical appearance. Fortunately, there are some treatments available that patients can choose from in order to cure or impede the loss of hair.

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What Causes Autism?

Here’s the way I see it (plus some information on a recent study on genes). Let’s approach the question differently. What does NOT cause autism? I have long held the belief that the MMR vaccine did NOT cause my son’s autism. I believe there are over 200 studies that debunk the idea that the MMR…

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Hand Pain & High Blood Pressure

Hand pain and high blood pressure are potentially serious conditions in themselves but they are especially serious when they occur together, according to the National Diabetes Clearinghouse and the American Heart Association. Determining what is causing your hand pain and/or high blood pressure is an important step, as sometimes these symptoms indicate a life-threatening situation.

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Toddler Rosacea

Few things are cuter than a rosy-cheeked toddler, but in some cases, those bright red cheeks may be the sign of a more serious underlying condition. Though it’s fairly rare, some toddlers can develop rosacea, a skin disorder more common in older people. Knowing how to recognize and treat this condition can help ensure that your child’s skin problem doesn’t become a major issue.