5 mins read

Mom’s Guide to Online Espionage

The Wall Street Journal (which, refreshingly for a biz publication, frequently captures the wacky dynamics of modern motherhood) ran a piece last Wednesday chronicling all the ways kids try to outsmart their moms and get onto Facebook and other social media sites that parents have forbidden. I read the article in our kitchen via old-school newsprint while my three kids hovered around me immersed in our familys iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks.

5 mins read

Pros & Cons of Online Dating

Internet dating has taken off in the last few years, from relatively sophisticated matchmaking sites that rely on personality matching, like eHarmony.com, to unmonitored classifieds sites, like Craigslist.com. If you haven’t tried online dating yourself, chances are you know someone who has. There are pros and cons to online dating, just like anything else. When you consider going online to find a date, you should know what you’re getting into.

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How To Stage Your Brand From The Comfort Of Your Home

I thought our level of privacy had totally gone out the window pre-Corona virus, but now, our entire world is exposed as we try to "carry on with business as usual" from the comfort of our homes, in our pajamas. Our home is now where we spend ALL OF OUR TIME, where we conduct our…