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Christmas Icebreaker Activities

Christmas gatherings are traditionally a time when friends and family join together to celebrate the holiday. However, if all the guests aren’t on familiar terms, it may help to plan some icebreaker activities as a way to encourage people to make new friends and mix and mingle. By beginning your gathering with these activities designed to help people get acquainted, you can ensure that your party guests feel comfortable while kicking off some merriment and fun! Here are few ways to get the party started:

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Fun Spelling Activities for Kids

Good spelling skills give your child a solid foundation for communication down the road, but memorizing lists of spelling words can be just plain boring for you and your kids. Since spelling is essential, making memorization fun for your kids can help both of you get through your children’s spelling homework stress-free.

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Drug Awareness Activities for Kids

Parents and caregivers may want to keep the kids in their care drug-free, but sometimes there can be confusion about how they can go about it. Making kids aware of drugs and their dangers is one step you can take to help prepare kids for the day when they’ll be exposed to and possibly lured by drugs. Although you may not be able to protect your kids 24 hours a day from exposure to illegal drugs, you can certainly arm them with knowledge.

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Infant Stimulation Activities

For babies, stimulation activities arouse their senses. Activities that promote seeing, touching, smelling, tasting and hearing will be stimulating for your baby. Engaging in activities that stimulate your baby can foster your baby’s curiosity, help develop his attention span and foster his nervous system development, according to Health First.org. While engaging your infant in stimulating activities is important, over stimulating your baby may cause him to become overwhelmed and irritable. If you notice signs of irritability during play, take a break, and allow your baby time to rest in a quiet and calm environment.