3 mins read

Why Video Games Can Be Good For Kids

If you were like my family this holiday season, you probably purchased some type of video gaming system – which means now is a great opportunity to start a dialogue on video games. Parents often wonder Will my child play too much? Are video games really bad for my kid? With this is mind, here are my experiences and guidelines on some genres of video games.

2 mins read

Have Glue Gun, Will Craft

With the Thanksgiving leftovers almost a distant memory and the holiday season officially underway, visions of glitter and glue guns have begun dancing in my head. As these next few weeks become increasingly hectic, I like to take time out with my family to flex our DIY muscles and create Christmas decorations. I have found that this is a fun way to slow down and connect with family and friends during the holiday season.

3 mins read

The Substitute

  On Saturday morning I took my son to the neighborhood barber for a much-needed haircut.  After much protesting and eye-rolling, he agreed that his curly hair was out of control.  Two weeks of wrangling with it unsuccessfully was enough to get him in the chair and see if the barber could reach that happy…