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Is it Normal to Feel a Slight Pain in the Side When Pregnant?

Although people may insist that your pregnancy has you glowing, you may not feel like you fit that description. In fact, the common discomforts of pregnancy can disturb your sleep and have you wondering if everything is progressing normally. Mild discomforts are a normal part of pregnancy, but some types of pain may signify a condition that requires medical treatment. An unusual pain in the side may be nothing more than an ordinary symptom of a stretching uterus, or it could be something more serious.

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How To Be Prepared For A Safe And Comfortable Run

The following post was sponsored by BAND-AID® Brand and NEOSPORIN® Brand. As a 33-year-old mom to six children, it's important for me to maintain my energy and my health. One way I do this is keeping a regular workout schedule. Not only does this help me feel good, refreshed, and energized, but it also gives…

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Do You Feel Stuck In A Rut?

The following is a guest post by Bob Sullivan, co-author of “Getting Unstuck: Breaking Free of the Plateau Effect”Feeling stuck? It can be incredibly frustrating. As mothers and women, Im sure you feel stuck in everyday relationships, in careers, in a creative rut — we all get stuck, and we all hate it. Dr. Hugh Thompson and I have spent many years studying the problem of getting stuck. It’s more universal than you …

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Comfortable High Heels That Won’t Hurt Your Feet

No one is going to argue that high heels look good, but much of the time they just don’t feel good. Modern technology is making heels feel better and fit better, whether it’s built into the shoe or you add it after you buy. Comfortable heels range from casual wedges to professional pumps and evening appropriate styles.