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Mixed Feelings for One Wife of Trapped Miner

It’s the tragic story everyone’s been talking about: 33 miners were trapped 2,300 feet below the earth’s surface in a mine located in the northern Chilean city of Copiapo, 500 miles north of Santiago. As if that’s bad enough, they’ve been down there since August 5th. This story is sad as it is terrifying, and it is debatable whether it’s caused more grief for the miners themselves or for those they’ve left on the surface.

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Leaving a Marriage

Leaving a marriage is a huge step and means admitting to yourself that the relationship just isn’t going to work. For many people, just the idea of leaving can be daunting, let alone the mechanics of it. Before you leave your marriage, it’s important to make sure you’ve evaluated the situation to be certain it’s what you need to do, come up with an exit plan and have some idea how you will break the news.

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Post-Pregnancy Headaches

After you’ve delivered your baby, you may think that the rough part is over and that your body will return to normal over the next few months. In most cases, this will be true. But the fluctuation of hormones after you give birth can trigger headaches. You may also experience a headache if you chose to receive an epidural during delivery.

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Autism and a Bus Ride

My child with autism will attend a local college at the end of the month. We have decided that most of time he can take a bus to school. This led us to make a suggestion for a summer experiment. What was the suggestion? Practice your bus ride to school. First, we got him a…