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The Best Makeup for Crow’s-Feet

Crow’s-feet, or those crinkles in the outer corners of your eyes, may be a sign of past smiles, but they do make it difficult not to look quite your age. Changing the cosmetics you use and how you apply them can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, helping you look rested, refreshed and younger than your years.

2 mins read

My Feet Keep Swelling Up

Swelling in your feet can be a symptom of various disorders. In addition to causing discomfort, swollen feet can be a sign of a serious disorder. While your feet may swell in response to an injury or a long ride in an airplane or car, continual or recurrent swelling can signal an underlying health condition that requires medical treatment.

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Remedy for Cold Feet

Everybody experiences cold feet from time to time. The best treatment for cold feet depends on the cause of the condition. A variety of circumstances, including certain illnesses and lack of appropriate insulation, may lead to a cold feeling in your feet and toes. While simple self-help measures may return the feeling of warmth to your feet, certain medical conditions may require professional treatment.