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The Best Sports for Kids With ADHD

While teachers, counselors, therapists and doctors often advise that children with ADHD get involved in sports, the fact is these children can experience many challenges in doing so. According to the “ADDitude” magazine article “Game On: Picking Sports for ADHD Children,” children can be their worst enemies during sports, losing focus, getting frustrated, failing to strategize and not interacting appropriately. Find a sport that challenges your child with ADHD but also supports his developmental needs.

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France Stands Strong on Burqa Ban

A “burqa” is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies in public places. The burqa can refer to the woman’s loose body-covering plus the head-covering and face-veil, but is more generally understood to refer to just the head-covering. I, like many others, have seen women wearing these pieces, but have never truly understood their significance. I always assumed they were a vestige of cultural and religious tradition, and I never expected them to be at the root of such uproarious controversy. But since France’s recent ban of most types of face-coverings, these little pieces of fabric have spurred other European countries to consider similar laws and inspired fear in French Muslims that the rule will permanently stigmatize them.