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Hyperactive Kids

A hyperactive child never stops moving, which can present problems at home and in the classroom. If your child is hyperactive, she needs your help to succeed. This may require changes to your daily routine, but little things can make a big difference in her life. Talk to your doctor about the paths that are right for your child.

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My Child Won’t Sit Still

Much to the chagrin of many moms, sitting still is often not possible for children. While nearly all children exhibit some periods of high-energy, bounce-off-the-wall behavior, some kids are even more energetic and pose a serious challenge to parents. To determine what you can do to help calm your child, you must both consider why he is so prone to movement and take steps to equip him with the tools to maintain control during these periods of high energy.

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Teaching ADHD Kids

Those who make their living educating children will likely be faced with the challenge of teaching children who suffer from ADHD with relative regularity. The diagnosis of this behavior-related disability is continually on the rise, meaning that each year you progress into your tenure, your class will likely be filled with even more of these kids. To ensure students who suffer from this disorder, as well as the peers with which they share a class, receive a quality education, you must confront and conquer the challenges associated with educating children who suffer from ADHD.

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Is My Child Hyperactive?

If you could bottle a child’s energy into a drink, you would be rich. It’s no secret that kids like to run around, but some kids have too much energy. Parents don’t have the same level of activity that children have and might think this is because they have hyperactive children. Hyperactivity, when paired with attention deficit disorder, affects nearly 2 million children in the United States, according to the Ohio State University Extension.