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Teen Suicidal Behavior

Teenage suicide is a tragic and complicated issue that doesn’t easily answer the question, “Why?” Teen suicidal behavior can be traced to many reasons, including social, economic, family and individual risk factors, according to Diana Mahoney, writing for “Entrepreneur” magazine. The one bright spot to hold onto is that suicide risk diminishes when a teenager feels a connection to a parent or other caregiver, according to results of a 2000 study published in the journal, “Pediatrics.”

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How to Pack for a Bus Trip

Plan wisely when packing for a bus trip. While buses do not have the same restrictions as airplanes do regarding baggage, you still have to make sure you do not bring certain items, such as sharp objects, firearms or a bottle of wine, on board. If you are traveling with small children, you want to make sure you have all necessities in your carry on baggage. Each person is generally allowed one piece of luggage stowed under the bus and one carry-on piece.