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Ask An Expert: Celiac Disease Awareness

Introduction: Says Alice: “After seeing 22 doctors and 8 years later, a family veterinarian actually brought it to my attention, leading to my diagnosis. The doctor knew that dogs often have problems with gluten, so he thought that maybe I was having trouble with gluten as well. A gastroenterologist ran that simple blood test and I was diagnosed.”

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How to Straighten Your Hair With a Flat Iron

Flat irons give moms with curly hair the best of both worlds. You get to flaunt your natural curls by day, then go sleek and smooth by night with a few flicks of your wrist. Even if you were born with straight hair, a flat iron will make your hair uniformly smooth and flat, taking out any tendency it has to wave in certain areas. While the process may seem self-explanatory once you see your flat iron, a few tips and tricks will take your style from amateur to professional quality.

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How to Make Your Hair Straighter

Many women long for sleek, straight hair. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones, this straight style is easy to accomplish. However, in many cases, achieving the straight locks you desire requires a bit of extra effort. While straightening your hair will likely take some work on your part, you can do it with relative ease after a little practice with straightening techniques.

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Workouts to Flatten Your Stomach

Most moms will agree that children are a blessing, but that blessing sometimes comes with a price — sagging, extra skin and fat around the stomach. Realistically, it’s impossible to get a completely flat stomach after childbirth without a little nip and tuck surgery, but some good old-fashioned exercise can go a long way toward flattening your stomach and improving your health, appearance and self-esteem. The Plank