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Our First School District Fight

What do you do if you disagree with your child’s school district? Here’s what we did when we found ourselves in our first school district disagreement. When our child turned four, he finished up the year in his inclusion class at the school district pre-school. The class had a mixture of four-year-olds and three-year-olds.Around his birthday, we had our second IEP meeting and for the most part nothing was going to change with his services. He would continue to receive speech, OT, and remain in an inclusion class.

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What Kind of Water Should be Used in Infant Formula?

How you prepare infant formula can affect your baby’s health. Powdered or liquid concentrate formulas cost less than ready-to-serve formulas, but they require that you add water when mixing. Formula in the powdered form is the least expensive, but you need to follow the instructions on the formula can to know much water to use. What the directions on the can do not tell you is what kind of water is safest for mixing your infant’s formula.

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How to Cope With Your Kid’s Jet Lag

Traveling can be exhausting, stressful and just plain uncomfortable. Top it all off with jet lag and youve got quite a miserable situation on your hands. If youve ever traveled to a different time zone with your children, you know how miserable they feel when theyre jet lagged. Tired, cranky and whiny kids are no fun to take anywhere. Here are some coping strategies to deal with your kids jet lag and make your vacation experience more relaxing.

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Can I Get Health Insurance If I Am Already Pregnant?

No doubt about it, having insurance can ease some of the burdens of pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, delivering a baby costs more than $6,000. Prenatal (before birth) care, including doctor visits and tests, adds to the expense. Not only does health insurance cover most costs, it can help women obtain needed care and services. Even if you’re already pregnant, you may still be able to obtain health insurance, depending on your circumstances.

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5 Ways to Get Your Kids Back on Track for School

Getting your kid ready for back to school can be a daunting task. Check out our free downloadable checklist (see link below) for getting ready for back to school. It will help you get organized in a sane way for that first day of school and starts a month before school and goes up to the first day. Additionally, follow these 5 steps to make getting organized for school a little easier: