7 mins read

Teach Your Child to Say NO!

My child said NO to his counselor! What would your child do? When we were young, our parents sent us off to school and camp with statements such as: Be a good listener. Mind your manners. Do what your counselor tells you to do. A tough teacher is a good teacher. I cant even imagine saying blanket statements like this to my 10 year old today. In fact, almost the opposite is said at our house.

3 mins read

Are You A Bridesmaid? (It’s Okay to Say No to the Bride)

Visions of sugar plums still dancing in your head? The holidays are definitely the season of giving, but what you might not have realized that one of the things most given at this time of the year is proposals. One in four grooms proposes to his future wife over the holidays so if youre not getting engaged yourself, youre likely to get a phone call from one of your best pals with big news.