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Berry Delicious Shortcake Dessert

Are you ready for the 4th? Chances are, youve got a barbeque or pool party to stop by, and youve promised to make some sort of dish. When in doubt, do dessert! This amazing berry shortcake recipe is yummy, pretty, and very festive. Oh, and its super easy to make! Ingredients Poundcake- One slice per guest (always use more than necessary; everyone loves leftovers). Were always advocates of homemade, but shortcake can be a hassle, so just pick up a loaf at the supermarket.

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How to Blow Dry Hair Professionally

It never fails. Every time you leave the hair salon, you look fabulous, but you can’t recreate the look at home. You remind yourself to pay careful attention to how the stylist blows your hair dry so you can emulate the look, but to no avail. Your hair still doesn’t look the way your stylist made it look. That’s because your hair stylist has some tricks up his sleeve that you should know.