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Gluten-Free Cornbread Recipe

When I think of Thanksgiving, I often wonder about the first Thanksgiving and what that might have looked like.The first Thanksgiving occurred in the fall of 1621, between the Pilgrims and the native Wampanoag people. The meals were thought to have occurred for almost a week. Many of our modern-day traditional foods such as cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes were not even invented yet!Although our Thanksgiving meals have transformed over the years, I …

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Olympic Athlete Picabo Street on the Trials and Triumphs of Motherhood

Ten years ago, Olympian Picabo Street’s passion was the ski slopes. Today, its her family. And while she’s still proud of the three Olympic medals she won (tucked away safely at her mom’s house in Park City) it’s her three kids with husband John – -Eli, 6, Trey, 5 and Dax, 5 months — that make her beam with pride. While she ventured back to the slopes and the spotlight during the 2010 Winter Olympic games — as both mentor to Lindsey Vonn and special correspondent for the Today show –Picabo is now back to being a mom, and focusing on her other passions such as advocating for womens health and fundraising for charities. We sat down with her to speak candidly about the difference between her boys, raising a blended family, and yes, occasionally bribing her kids at Walmart.

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What Is a Gluten Free Diet?

Gluten free diets exclude all foods containing gluten, the protein found in wheat. Gluten free diets are a life saver for many people and it is essential for those suffering from Celiac disease. Gluten free diets are often suggested for children and adults on the autism spectrum, and some people do find that they are quite effective. Fortunately, with smart cooking and alternative products, gluten free diets can be varied and flavorful.