2 mins read

How to Organize My Closet Space

A tidy, organized closet seems like an impossible dream for some people, but simple organizational strategies help you keep everything in order. With a sense of organization, you can more easily find your favorite pair of heels and that cocktail dress that goes so well with them. Whether you have a tiny closet or a large walk-in, an organizational system that makes sense to you is the most effective choice. An initial organization session, followed by regular organizational maintenance, keeps your closet from getting out of hand again.

3 mins read

Travel Must-Haves

It's summer which means travel! Whether you are hitting the road in a car, plane, train or bus, we've found some cool items that will help make things easier. Let's be honest, it's tough to travel without good internet connection whether you need to stay connected for business or with family and friends. Sometimes connections…