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Autism and Vacations

My son loves to travel. He got that love to travel from his parents. A few years ago, my son and I took a road trip together—just the two of us. We hit some great Western states and tourist stops. We drove a lot in those twelve days. My son was eleven. We had taken…

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Things Teens to Do on Summer Vacation

Teens look forward to summer vacation, yet one week into it, they’ll declare that their life is boring. Plan ahead with the teen who wants to find a job, volunteer or needs to work on self-improvement during the summer. Leave time for the teen to enjoy the time off from school and to spend time with friends and family. Schedule activities to do with your teen and make sure he has something to do the rest of the time, especially if you work outside the home.

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Weekly Family Night

Beyond just sitting down at the table for dinner, its important to carve out time in your busy week to do something fun together as a family. You dont have to do anything expensive or time-consuming, but can use the materials you already have in your home to plan some entertaining activities.

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In the Name of Love: Get Organized!

Before the glow of Valentines Day becomes a distant glimmer, lets take a moment to consider our love lives. How often do you really, honestly and truly take the time to romance your significant other? Hopefully the answer is more than once or twice a year because keeping the spark alive in a relationship is essential for its long-term survival. Yet, when youre up to your elbows in work, chores, kids, or any of lifes other daily demands, romance often takes a back seat. In the moment, that can seem understandable and even natural. But let too many of those moments get ahead of you and you might wake up wondering why the romance is gone (or why theyve left). Although it might seem unsexy, you have organize your life in a way that leaves room for you to nurture your relationship.

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Fall is the New Spring

We’re one month into autumn. School and work and life schedules have reverted to some sort of “normal” structure. Sweaters and suits have come out of closets to replace bikinis and sunglasses. Leaves are changing from green to red, gold, and brown, or, depending on where you are, have already begun to fall. There’s a…