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What Is Water Birth?

The labor and delivery options available to pregnant women have increased during the last several decades, according to the American Pregnancy Association. One of the most recent birthing methods developed is the water birth. During a water birth, the mother undergoes much of her labor in a large tub of warm water and, if she wishes, can deliver the baby while in the water. The option is gaining popularity in many hospitals and birthing centers; proponents say that this sort of delivery has many benefits for both the mother and the baby.

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Healthy Super Bowl Recipes That Actually Taste Good

The preparations for Super Bowl parties are upon us! The big game has become a widespread tradition for many American families – and with it comes several foods and snacks that are an essential part of the celebration!At every Super Bowl party I’ve been to, there are a few must-have menu items that everyone expects – chips, hamburgers, buffalo wings and chili.But many of these party foods can leave you full of regret, especially …

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Homemade Spa Treatments

The following is a guest post by Jackie Burns Brisman, Editor, SpaFinder Wellness Between busy work schedules, play dates, school functions, dinner, laundry, and keeping the overall household balance in check – its a surprise some moms can even find the time to shower these days!

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Lunchtime Makeovers: 5 Minutes to A New You!

For most of moms out there, we don’t have the time (or the dough), nor do we necessarily want to, have invasive surgery to look younger. But it seems that many of you would dive into changing your body and/or your face — if surgery was free that is. It turns out though, that you don’t have to go under the knife to look ten years younger, or to preserve your youth — Modernmom visited Laser Away in Santa Monica, California and got the scoop on all the latest treatments that can be done in just a matter of minutes. Check this out:

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Teenage Weight Loss Camps

Teenage weight loss camps are a popular venue to help teens lose weight, get healthy and raise self-esteem. Teenage weight loss camps can be found all over America. Some camps are a “day camp,” meaning campers go home at night, while more traditional camps include and require overnight stays. Teen weight loss camps can be pricey, but with earnest shopping around, you can likely find one to fit in your budget–some even offer scholarships and discounts. Teen weight loss camps have many different philosophies and methods, so it is important to find one that matches your teen’s personal style and your parental comfort level.