2 mins read

Do You Lie About Money to Your Husband? I Do…

Money is one of the most difficult issues in any marriage. Different money management or spending practices can lead to conflict. Money also sometimes is used as a form of control in a relationship, adding to the challenges. If you lie about money to your husband, this is a clear sign of a problem. However, you can identify the underlying issues and work to improve your situation.

3 mins read

Is It Time To File for Divorce?

There are many reasons why people want to end their marriage, but many problems can be worked out with outside help. Unfortunately, there are issues that are serious enough to cause one of the partners to head for divorce court. Some couples hold off on divorce until the children are older or finances are in order. Often, addressing disturbing issues in the partnership and owning up to mistakes can save a marriage. The key is try to prevent things from going overboard.