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Fashion & Makeup Games

Most girls just love fashion and makeup. From an early age, young girls develop a love affair with clothes, accessories, colors, glosses, powders and sprays. The next time you have a houseful of girls, let them use their femininity and play some fashion and makeup games. They can be as messy or as organized as you want. Either way, you are sure to thrill the little designers around you.

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Fashion & Dress-Up Games for Kids

Both girls and boys enjoy playing dress-up games. Fashion and dress-up games are great ways to spark creativity in children and to keep away boredom during school vacations. You don’t need to have a trunk full of elaborate costumes to play dress-up. You and your children can make your own fashions, using old clothing and materials found around the house.

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Bad Fashion!

Its manic Monday and that means another fun theme week at DWTS. Tonight is all about the 80s!Just wait till you see my high school-inspired hairdo – it’s a tribute to all the hairspray, frizz and years of inexperience knowing how to tame the fro!