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Backyard Barbeque Party Ideas

When planning outdoor entertainment, a backyard barbecue party often comes to mind, especially during warmer days. Taking the party outdoors will make the event an informal one, allowing the food to take center stage. For your next backyard barbecue party, take a little time and make the gathering more fun and entertaining.

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Off The Fence & Into The Gym

By Guest Blogger David Snively Ive been training clients for more than 25 years now, mostly women, and Ive heard my fair share of workout goals from the opposite sex. For the most part, they are body part related the eternal quest for thinner thighs, flatter stomachs, and more toned arms, and that has continued till this day. I have learned to listen to their requests, sympathize with body image discontent, and do my best to deliver results. I combine my own agenda as a trainer with 25 years of experience and constant le

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I Still Really Resent My Husband!

Previously, Modern Mom asked our etiquette expert, Melissa Leonard, to address the marital dilemma of our generation: A Stay At Home Mom feels her husband no longer respects her now that shes left her corporate job to be at home, full time, with the kids. This week, we asked …