4 mins read

Fun Games to Play With Kids

Games are an excellent way for adults to spend quality time with their children. Games also provide a positive framework for children to play with each other. Not only are many games educational, but they also teach children how to interact in positive ways with their peers, according to Parenting Science. What is fun for one child may not be for another, however, so let your child lead the way when it comes to choosing a game to play.

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Electronic Handheld Games for Kids

When it comes to keeping kids preoccupied during summer, long rides, long rainy days or on any given day that boredom kicks in, electronic handheld games are among the top contenders. Electronic handheld games can make the time seem to go by faster and more enjoyably, not only for children, but for parents, too. If you want to keep the whining at bay, give your child an electronic handheld game to keep him entertained and happy.

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Charade Game Ideas for Kids

Charades are a classic party game. You’ve probably played it many times yourself. You might not think of it as a game for the kids, but it is perfect for all ages. Charade games require lots of imagination and little equipment. Next time you host a long play date or a child’s birthday party, teach the kids charades and keep them occupied for hours.