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Funny Games for 30th Birthday

A 30th birthday is not always the happiest day in a person’s life. Some sink happily into the next decade of their lives, while others go in fighting. Bring some laughter and lightness to the party of your soon-to-be 30-year-old loved one. Plan some games that will get everyone giggling and bring a certain levity to the whole affair.

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Seven Parent-Approved Games Your Teens Should Be Playing

The first question most parents ask when it comes to teens and video games is whether the game is appropriate. Video games are often stereotyped as violent, but more and more of them are challenging that old association. Many games feature complex, nuanced storytelling. They educate players about important topics like free will, gender politics and self-expression, and teach skills like improved visual processing, problem solving and fortitude. A growing amount of research shows that …

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Why Video Games Can Be Good For Kids

If you were like my family this holiday season, you probably purchased some type of video gaming system – which means now is a great opportunity to start a dialogue on video games. Parents often wonder Will my child play too much? Are video games really bad for my kid? With this is mind, here are my experiences and guidelines on some genres of video games.

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Water Balloon Games for Kids

From launchers to hose adapters, the tools that exist to upgrade the water balloon experience are endless. Still, even with just a bag of balloons and a hose, nothing says “hot summer afternoon warfare” like a water balloon. Whether you are hosting a Memorial Day picnic, a summer birthday party or a Labor Day extravaganza, put together some water balloon games for splashing time. To Pop or Not to Pop

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Easter Games for Older Kids

Easter means that spring has come and kids get to put aside their winter clothing and wear floral print dresses and smart-looking suits. If the weather is nice, they can play outside without heavy coats for the first time in months. Easter is also one of the times during the year when children get showered with candy and sweets. But if you want to make the holiday extra-special, give your kids some fun activities by planning some great games for them to play.