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Passover Games & Lessons for Kids

The Passover holiday, with its Seder celebration, is perhaps the most well-known of all the Jewish holidays. Passover commemorates the freedom of the Jews from 400 years of slavery in Egypt. You can read about this story in the Book of Exodus in the Bible. Passover refers to the angel of death passing over the homes of Jewish people and sparing their firstborn during the final of 10 plagues. Passover lasts for eight days, during which time the Jewish people observe certain rituals. Children learn lessons, often in the form of games, during this time.

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Why Some “Free” Games Aren’t Really Free

My hubby, being a software developer and a geek, put me onto a website called Gamasutra.com. Its a gaming developer site but it does a pretty good job at explaining the monetization (yes, its a mouthful) of games such as Farmville, Smurfs Village or most recently Zyngas Candy Cane Crush game (which I havent played).

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Video Games Geared at Girls

Forget all the rock-em, sock-em video games designed for boys… in the last few years, it seems like video game developers finally realized that girls like to have fun too. Maybe your little one yearns to explore wild forests and dive to the bottom of the sea. Maybe she just wants to have her own pet monster. Whatever the case, these fun games are tailor-made for girls: Moxie Girlz

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The Hunger Games: Is Katniss The Next Harry Potter?

Twelve-year-olds with guns and knives. Sixteen-year-olds with crossbows, and pumped-up older teens going on violent rampages. Why? Because children, ages 12 to 18, are condemned to fight one another to the death while residents of their nation watch on TV and root for the contestants that charmed them in their pre-game interviews. The last one alive is declared the “winner.”

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Wii Cognitive Games

Most moms have probably found themselves wishing their children would spend less time playing games in front of the TV and more time in the “real world.” Fortunately, the Wii, a video game console released by Nintendo in 2006, has incorporated both physical and cognitive development into the world of gaming. Instead of hindering your child’s development, some Wii games may help promote several cognitive skills.