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Vegetable Garden Ideas for Kids

Dirt attracts most children from the toddler years on. A vegetable garden gives your child a productive use for those dirt-digging skills. The age of your child influences the level of involvement in the gardening process. Toddlers might help with watering under your supervision, while a 10-year-old child can take the lead from planning to planting.

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Li’l Squirt Baby Pool

Keep your baby cool during the summer months with this cute baby pool! This plastic playmat has a gentle, adjustable water stream that keeps babies cool and amused. Just attach to your garden hose and voila! Fun times ahead! There’s also adorable undersea graphics, like fish, turtles and whales to delight your baby. A fun activity for you and baby on a hot summer day!

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Christmas Tree Allergies

To many families, the holiday season is not complete without a decorated tree twinkling in the window. Each year, U.S. tree farmers sell an estimated 25 to 30 million pine and fir trees, according to the National Christmas Tree Association. For people with Christmas tree allergies, this abundance of pine and fir needles can make allergy symptoms difficult to control during holiday festivities.

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It’s A Toy?

The following is a guest post by Stuart Perkins of Storyshucker

It was still cold the day I noticed that in spite of an unyielding winter determined to wear out its welcome, the local hardware store has taken a leap of faith by filling its storefront and walkway with a grand display of all things summer. I saw birdbaths, a gleaming row of new lawnmowers, and a stack of wading pools depicting smiling cartoon elephants …