3 mins read

Autism and Phone Data

What is phone data? For those few out there who don’t know, phone data is the amount of gigabytes you use when you’re on a device that is connected to the Internet. One thing I learned long ago about my own phone data usage verses my son’s phone data usage (of course, this is ever…

8 mins read

The Importance of Data Collection

Why collect data? What does data collection have to do with your child’s behavior(s)? In my last blog, I explained the term, S.E.A.T. SEAT is a tool to help us understand and root out the cause of a child’s unexpected and usually “bad” behavior. Was it a sensory issue, an escape issue, an attention issue, or a tangible issue that led up to a behavior?

3 mins read

How to Stop Teen Smoking

As a doting parent, you are likely eager to prevent your curious teen from experimenting with cigarette smoking. While it would be nice if telling your child not to smoke was enough to fully get the job done, many teens need a bit more guidance to effectively resist the temptation of the cigarette. To decrease the likelihood that your teen tries this potentially deadly activity, dedicate yourself to smoking prevention and tackle the topic of smoking from several different angles.