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Marriage Counseling for Sex Therapy

Married couples often struggle with finding the time, energy and desire to have sex. From taking care of the kids to busy work schedules, couples often put sex on the back burner. A marriage with no sex is destined to experience tension, especially if one partner is in the mood, while the other constantly rejects his sexual desires. Sex therapy, provided by a trained counselor, can help couples find ways to reignite their passion and enjoy a healthy sex life.

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Effects of Chemotherapy on Fertility

Chemotherapy can affect both men and women regarding fertility. If you are of childbearing age, and you or your husband needs to undergo cancer treatment, you should talk with your doctor before starting treatment to learn what changes you may have to your fertility, recommends the National Cancer Institute. Effects of chemotherapy on fertility vary depending on the type of chemotherapy you get, the length of treatment and the type of cancer you have.