11 mins read

July Astrology

Hello Dear Readers, The quandary of early July is here. What can you say about a month that begins under a power gridlock of two opposing mighty gods, Sun and Pluto, and four retrograde planets? Dont count on anything just yet, wait it out, stay on your yachtwhether literal or fanciful; water planets predominate right now anyway.

4 mins read

Charitable Celebrities — Who, What and How Much

Celebrities get a lot of flak for everything they do – what they wear, what they say, how they choose to parent their kids, the list goes on and on. But, its important to remember that celebs are people too, just like us. Except, they have lots of money. While some celebs waste away all of their earnings on material things, some actually choose to make a difference in the world – and I dont mean starring in a hit movie or recording a platinum album. There are many celebs who deserve to be given a little recognition for the charity work they do.

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Earth Day Games for Kids

Earth Day rolls around once a year in April to celebrate the planet we all share. Earth Day gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy the diverse world we call home and take proactive steps to protect her for the future. Teach your children, the adults of the future, how to be good stewards by introducing Earth Day games.