2 mins read

How to Make Pirate Hats for Kids

While anyone can fold sheets of newspaper into triangles and call it a pirate hat, you can make a more realistic-looking pirate hat with basic art supplies. Tracing, cutting and measuring a do-it-yourself pirate hat may prove too difficult for many children, so leave the less-challenging work of decorating the hat to your child. Once you get the hang of measuring the hat band and cutting out the hat shape, you can quickly make multiples for play dates or a pirate costume party.

6 mins read

Tips and Ideas for Throwing a St. Patrick’s Day Party

Watch out for the wee folklittle leprechauns, that is! Its time for the wearing o the green as we celebrate everything Irish. Host a St. Pattys Day party with festive four-leafed invitations, Emerald Isle food and Lucky Leprechaun games. Its easy being green on St. Patricks Day!

3 mins read

How to Throw a Super Sweet 16

Sweet 16 parties should be extra special. This birthday is part of your teen’s passage into young adulthood. While years ago a sweet 16 party represented a young lady’s coming out, today it’s an opportunity to throw a fabulous party. If you want your teen’s 16th birthday to be one that she will remember, plan a Mardi Gras party theme. Her friends are likely still to be talking about it for weeks afterward.

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How to Plan a Pirate Party

If planning for another humdrum party makes you want to walk the plank, why not celebrate with a pirate theme? The best aspect of a pirate theme party is that you have abundant options for decorations, activities and foods that stay in the sea-faring spirit. Set a budget and get your child working on some do-it-yourself projects to add to the festivities.