3 mins read

How to Study for the SAT Exam

The SAT standardized test, originally known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, provides percentile scores used by many college admissions committees in evaluating college applications. The test covers mainly reading, writing and Math reasoning skill sets. Today, several additional and separate SAT subject tests also enable young people to demonstrate advanced knowledge in specific fields, such…

6 mins read

Teaching Our Kids Tech Etiquette

You may remember that a few months ago I wrote about how my babysitter broke up with me via text message. I thought I was finished with teenagers and their poor tech etiquette, but apparently, this is the new world we live in and unless somebody does something, Im destined – were all destined – to be plagued by it forever.

14 mins read

February Astrology

The early February planetary lineup in Aquarius, along with a Libra moon and Jupiter in Gemini, makes for a lot of air which inclines towards verbosity – but of course with many innovative and original ideas bandied about, so typical of Aquarius. This preponderance of refined air, the label attached to Aquarius, IS technologys true Homeland.