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My OMG Moment With Kristin Chenoweth At The Rio 2 World Premiere

I wouldn’t say I get starstruck easily or that I spend an inordinate amount of time glued to the latest Hollywood gossip but there are a handful of celebrities I really admire and respect – maybe because I love their work, or I’ve been impressed by an interview or because they just seem like genuinely nice people.Thanks to my job, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of the people on …

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My Historic Weekend at the White House

I just finished watching President Obama speak. I am wondering how I will address the news of bin Ladens death to my children. Surely it will be the talk of school, and they will have many questions. I stood in the West Wing just days ago during my tour of the White House. I cannot imagine how preoccupied President Obama must have been as he delivered his toast at last nights White House Correspondents Dinner. Hopefully, the laughter of the 2000 plus people that filled the room allowed our president to escape for a moment.

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Sugar Mommas’ Southern Scoop

During our Southern Sugar Expedition, (see previous blogs), we scooped a few finds along the way to share with yall. First and foremost, we stumbled upon Garden & Gun: Soul of the South magazine. Angeleno eyes had never laid eyes on such a publication. Reading Garden & Gun from cover to cover was like the sensation you get when you exit a theater and declare, That was the best movie I ever saw. We were immersed …