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Starting Exercise During Pregnancy

According to William Sears, M.D., and Martha Sears, R.N., authors of “The Pregnancy Book,” a woman’s heart rate increases during pregnancy by 20 percent. Even without planned exercise, she is already performing a low level of aerobic exercise daily. Whether you are a seasoned expert or just beginning an exercise program, exercising during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and baby.

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Are You Setting Your Child Up to be a Victim of Bullying?

My 9 year old daughter is starting third grade in a new school. I hear through the grapevine that the children in the class have been together since first grade. So over the summer I gently coached my daughter about making new friends. I suggested that although she is a newbie herself, she should also reach out to the other new kids in the class. My daughter is a good listener and she does just that.

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Brooke Burke: Happy New Year!

Christmas came and went, not soon enough if Im speaking the truth. I hate the over-indulgence of the holiday – too many presents, too much food and waaaaay too much to do. Days spent wrapping gifts that quickly become room clutter for the kids, only too soon to become the toy thats at the bottom of the pile.Next year, Im starting a homemade gift giving tradition so everyone in my family, including …