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Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Of the three main varieties of tea–green, black and oolong–green tea provides the most antioxidants because you make it from unfermented leaves. People in India, Thailand, China and Japan have been drinking green tea for centuries. Along with the health benefits you can gain with green tea, you may gain beauty benefits both by drinking green tea and by applying it topically using lotions that contain it. Not only is green tea good for your health, it can help with weight loss and with reducing the effects of aging skin.

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Green Tea Beauty Benefits

Green tea is a natural, drinkable beauty solution that women of all ages can luxuriate in, whether as a cup of tea in the morning or as applied directly to the skin. Beauty product manufacturers embrace the beauty benefits of green tea by adding it to their products. Green tea and green tea extracts can be found in everything from eye cream and lotion to toner and face wash.

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Green Tea Herbal Remedies for Beauty

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, many people consume green tea because of its high concentration of powerful antioxidants, among them polyphenols, proven scientifically to neutralize and help prevent damages caused by free radicals that contribute to the aging process and development of health problems, including cancer and heart disease. The power of green tea, however, does not stop there; it can also be part of a beauty regimen.

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True Benefits from Drinking Green Tea

Green tea, also known as Camellia sinensis, is native to China and other Asian countries but is popular worldwide. According to herbalsafety.utep.edu, tea is the second most consumed beverage next to water. Many people believe that there are health benefits to drinking tea, and scientific studies prove most of them to be true.