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Grieving and Bullying: Difficult Realities In The Special Needs World

Here at www.brightbeacon.org there are many families who have had to deal with the idea that normal will never be part of their lives. This is usually a process of grieving and acceptance of a different type of life. Some may start the process feeling like they are losing a dream or will be missing something they thought they would always have. This is not easy and we wanted to give some insight as to how families deal with this and that through this grieving process, often families find a new form of normal tha

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Grieving the Death of a Mother

Losing a mother is a difficult thing for anyone to bear. As hard as it is for adults to deal with the unfortunate eventual death of their mom, it is even more challenging for children who often still depend so heavily upon this female parent. If you are tasked with helping a child deal with the death of his mother, there are things that you can do to help him make it through this period of grief and enable him to see the light at the end of the tunnel of loss through which he’s traveling.

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Grieving the Loss of a Baby

Losing a child is the worst experience any parent can face. When your baby dies, the sadness can be overwhelming. Nothing or no one can change what happened and make everything better again. Regardless of the type of loss, whether you are grieving a miscarriage, a stillbirth or an infant, you must allow yourself to grieve.

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Family Grieving Process

The process of grieving a loss can prove challenging to members of any family. As each individual member moves through the stages of grief and works to come to terms with the loss, families can struggle to regain the balance and dynamics they once had. If your family recently experienced a loss, you must both understand and allow for this period of family grief and rebuilding.

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Grieving the Loss of a Child

As a parent, you can likely understand that those who have lost a child must feel a tremendous pain; however, if you have never experienced this loss yourself, it may be difficult for you to truly understand the magnitude and type of hurt. Losing a child is certainly something that no parent ever wants to go through. If you know someone who has lost a child, educating yourself on the grieving process associated with this loss may make it easier for you to help this struggling individual through her emotional turmoil.