2 mins read

Christmas Exterior Decorating Tips

When it comes to decorating your home for Christmas, the outside is the first impression everyone receives. Make a seasonal, cheery statement with carefully placed decorations. Don’t feel the need to cover every last inch of space with a decoration. A few carefully placed items will leave a warm, inviting impression on everyone who passes by.

3 mins read

Green Home Checklist

Having an eco-friendly or green home is key toward saving money on the costs of utilities while also respecting the Earth and its inhabitants, notes both Austin Energy and the local government website of Lake County, Calif. But determining whether a home truly is green can be a challenge, so its a good idea to learn exactly what to look for when you are renting or purchasing a green home.

4 mins read

Organizing Your Life for Homeownership

Congratulations! Youve finally found the one. Tall, dark, handsomeno, wait a minute. This one is more of the white picket fence and center hall variety a house and its yours! No more virtual tours, open houses, and calls from your realtor proclaiming Ive found it! You have now joined the ranks of proud homeowners across the country. Pop the cork, cross the threshold, and take a seat on your new couch. You might need a seat when the excitement wears off and you realize that this is (gulp) the biggest purchase you have ever made. But dont panic yet. With a little preparation and guidance you can navigate the world of the new homeowner with your sanity and your savings intact.