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Professional Hairstyles for Interviews

You have the resume, the experience and the firm handshake, but if you don’t have a professional look, you may not land the job. When interviewing, the less your outfit and hairstyle attract attention, the better your chances of landing the job. Leave the sparkling hair clips and barrettes at home and wear your hair in a conservative and classy style.

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How to Dry Your Hair Without Using a Hair Dryer

Drying your hair day after day with the heat of a hair dryer is asking for trouble. When you dry your hair with a hair dryer, the high concentration of heated air actually boils the water left on the hair shaft after washing, as explained by The American Academy of Dermatology. Eventually, this scenario causes your hair to become dry and brittle. Air drying is a much better option and knowing how to do it correctly helps cut down on drying time.

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How to Know If Your Hair Is Healthy

You hair is one of the easiest parts of your body to survey for good health. Unhealthy, dry hair wears its damage for the world to see. Unhealthy hair can be caused by poor nutrition or underlying medical conditions. More often, it’s caused by high-heat styling, drying hair products, chemical coloring and texture-enhancing products. If you’re concerned about your hair health, take a few minutes to really examine your locks, then go for products and healthy lifestyle choices to restore hair’s balance and shine.

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How to Tell if Your Hair Is Damaged

Hair — everybody has it. It grows from follicles within your skin and consists of a root and shaft made-up of tiny cells. While the part of your hair that remains hidden in the follicle is living, the hair that you wash, comb, curl and straighten is actually dead. Since your hair is not made of living cells, it cannot fix itself when damaged. In fact, the only thing that you can do for damaged hair is condition it and eventually cut it off if the damage is extensive. If you are unsure if you’re dealing with damaged hair, look for a few visual clues.

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Celebrity Hairstyle Tips

Often photographed in public by the paparazzi, celebrities face criticisms whenever they do not look their best. Fortunately, their money can afford the best hairstylists so that they can avoid ending up in the “worst” list. You do not have to be an A-list celebrity to have a knock-out hairstyle. Some of the good things that celebrities do with their hair, you can do with your own hair, too.