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A Beginner’s Guide to Waxing

Shaving, plucking, lasers – oh my! As women, we all want to stay hair-free and silky smooth during the summer months. But how do you narrow down your options and choose the hair removal method that’s best for you? It’s tough! Waxing tends to be a solid in-between technique: it’s longer lasting than shaving, but not as intense or painful as laser hair removal. So if you’re curious about the process, buckle up and learn all about the ins and outs (or ons and offs) of waxing… How it Works

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Secrets to Hair Removal

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” a quote commonly attributed to Albert Einstein, might describe your chosen method of hair removal. From the shave that’s never close enough to the electric tweezers that promise you permanent results, the secret to sleek, silky hair-free legs can be elusive. Explore your full range of options before you decide what hair removal technique is best for you.

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Laser Hair Removal Safety With Pregnancy

We’ve all seen women giving birth on TV, almost always sporting a slightly damp forehead along with full makeup and shampoo-commercial hair. Even with the more realistic depictions of labor and delivery, there’s one thing you never see in those stirrups–stubbly legs. As we see the image of a 99-lb. starlet pushing out a baby that looks like a jelly-covered 6-month-old, TV executives also want us to believe that the typical woman who is 9-months pregnant shaves her legs the day of delivery, too.

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How to Wax Your Legs

Several options are available to have smooth, hair-free legs. Many women try shaving, depilatories and professional waxing. Purchase a wax-at-home kit at a pharmacy or discount store and follow these directions to enjoy smooth legs for a few weeks without having to deal with chemicals or paying high salon prices.