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The Perfect 4th of July BBQ Menu

The 4th of July is fast approaching, which means its time to bring out the BBQ and invite some friends over for a great time. Independence Day has always been characterized by hardy All-American foods that are loved by all. Below weve collected some of our favorite recipes to help you find the perfect combination of everything from starters to main courses to help make your 4th of July BBQ a success. All Time Fave: Pigs-in-a-Blanket

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Birthday Party Ideas for 13-Year-Old Boys

Plan a special party for your sons 13th birthday to emphasize the new stage of life hes entering–becoming a teenager. Include some of his favorite childhood delights, as long as they wont embarrass him, and add a new grown-up twist. Give your son and his friends a little more freedom and privacy than what you might have done for past birthday parties, if possible.

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Birthday Party Ideas for a 14-Year-Old Boy

Planning a party for a 14-year-old boy is a balancing act as you have to satisfy the part of him who is still immature and the part of him who wants freedom and is maturing. Your son has probably started high school recently, or soon will, which might make him feel more pressure to host a fun or cool birthday party.

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I’d Like A Few Do-Overs At This Parenting Thing…

There are lots of things that suck about being a parent. Diapers come to mind right away, and not sleeping, and having to clean vomit off of carpet at two oclock in the morning. Also, making lunches every day. That one totally sucks. And eye rolls. Eye rolls suck. Especially when theyre directed at you.But Im finding that what sucks the most, for me, anyway, is coming to terms with the …